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A New Technical Center, an open laboratory for open innovation
Renewal completed in August 2017

Materials and technologies, for road construction in the next generation,
diverse ideas, aiming at its practical application and spread
where diverse ideas and diverse people openly join together.
New road creation, led by our aggressive challenge.

  • 技術センター棟
  • In 2017, we built a new technical center building and started operations in Oct./2017.
    The technical center building was designed under the concept of "Open laboratory for open innovation" to develop new pavement materials and paving systems with raw material suppliers, customers, associations, academia and local governments.

Role of the New Technical Center
Based on a concept of Open Laboratory for Open Innovation

Role of the  New Technical Center

The environment surrounding roads is changing dramatically.
Many of the public facilities and infrastructure that was constructed during the period of high economic growth are undergoing renewal due to deterioration.
However, as tax revenues decline due to depopulation and a super-aging society, it will be financially difficult to renew all roads.
In recent years, the intensified natural disasters associated with global warming have also become a problem. In order to create a better future, we must consider these problems as the most important issues and create a better society through new road infrastructure. However, SHOREKI alone cannot solve these problems.
For this reason, in anticipation of the emergence of a new idea alliance from the exchange of industry, academia, government, and community, we have established a technology center based on an open laboratory concept.

Floor Arrangement

The 1st floor is for mixtures, the 2nd floor is for binder related activities, and the 3rd floor is where the offices and conference rooms are. The building is designed for each department to work efficiently by dividing the functions into three separate floors, minimizinge the flow line. In order to achieve a safe and comfortable work environment, we have taken measures such as installing a local exhaust system for each fume hood and area, as well as storing a marshall compactor in a sound insulation box and installing a dust collector to mixture mixer, etc. We have also introduced amenities such as lounges and terraces for our visitors for training and exams so as to spend time comfortably. It is also a place to heal our staffs, and we hope these spaces will be used for social gatherings with customers, as well. The design of this technology center is focused on three elements: equipping each room based on flow lines in the research process, installing equipment considering for safety, health, and security, and automation and high functionality through the installation of the latest equipment.

1st Floor
  • Research Lab (Mixture Testing Room)

    Optimize the work environment with sound insulation and an exhaust system to maintain and improve product quality.

  • 1F Entrance Lobby

    A room structured with a wide glass area to create a clean and bright room.

  • 1st Floor
  • 1st Floor
  • 1st Floor
  • 1st Floor
2nd Floor
  • Research Lab (Binder Testing Room)

    Testing equipment is set up along the flow line which enables efficient research and development.

  • Lounge & Terrace

    We are improving the comfort of visiting customers and employees.

  • 1階
  • 1階
  • 1階
  • 1階
3rd Floor
  • Conference Room

    There are three large and small conference rooms that emphasize functionality for meetings and trainings, and they all feature digital device support necessary for these meetings.

  • Offices

    Easy to move around with semi-private rooms, and working spaces other than personal desks

  • 1階
  • 1階
  • 1階
  • 1階

Technology / Product Development Group

This is the age of maintenance.
By developing PMA and asphalt emulsion,we will conduct research and development that responds to the needs of low cost, durability, workability and recycling technology.

Technology / Product Development Group

● Modified Asphalt
Road repairs and maintenance will be the main part of future road infrastructure development.
Therefore, what type of low cost and easy repair and maintenance services we can offer is the task of this technical center. On top of creating a road that minimizes puddles of water and offers safety and comfort, there is also a demand for low-noise, environmentally- friendly pavements. 
With its core business of straight asphalt, SHOREKI always anticipates diversifying and sophisticated social needs and will continue to develop the latest products and technologies to contribute to society.

● Asphalt Emulsion
We have entered an era where we mainly repair and conduct maintenance on roads, rather than build new roads. While infrastructure budgets are being reduced, developing low-cost products becomes the mission of the asphalt emulsion group. In addition to lowering costs, we are researching and developing high-value-added asphalt emulsions that have good durability and adhesion on actual roads.

1. Resolving the issues feedbacked from customers

We conduct research to provide timely and cost-saving products that customers are seeking.

Products, which is inexpensive, easy to use, and can be workable at any condition.


2. Development of products that reduce Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

We develop materials that are low-cost and can maintain their quality for the long term after construction.

Long-Term Durable Products

  • 材料の開発

  • 材料の開発

  • 材料の開発

Production Technology & Facility Group

This department is in charge of establishing a system that can provide reliable products with stable quality without any loss caused by facility failure.

Production Technology & Facility Group

● Facility Management
We manage maintenance of existing facility and introduction of new facility. We verify cost-effectiveness by checking the service life and installation year, assessing the cost of repairs and renewals.

● Planned Maintenance
In order to ensure that plant facilities and equipment operate properly, we systematically perform inspections, repairs, parts replacement, etc., to prevent breakdowns. It is an important task to reduce the risk of damaging the reputation of a company, in advance, from production lines stopping due to breakage, aging, etc.

● Quality Control
Based on ISO quality control implementation standards, we carry out quality inspection tests on products manufactured at each plant and reflect the data analysis results in manufacturing process control. We are also focusing on raw material management so as not to affect the final product. We are working to create a system that can stably supply high quality products by analyzing material control, manufacturing process control, and quality control test data.

● Entrusted Test
We carry out inspection tests for final product based on customer requests. There are special tests that cannot be handled by the customer's factory but can be done at our technical center. 
In addition, we conduct training and workshops and also dispatch instructors for in-house training for customers. By using these opportunities, we can not only built good relationships with our customers but also combine our technical seeds and customer needs, and lead to the development of better products.

  • Emphasize production process management!

    Emphasizing our Management on the Manufacturing Process!

    We thoroughly manage the conditions of material management and manufacturing.
    We check and manage at the technical center in order to optimize output in terms of both equipment and quality, and we are working to ensure stable products.

  • Building an Efficient, Safe, and Stable Product Supply System

    Emphasizing our Management on the Manufacturing Process!

    It is carried out for the purpose of improving facility maintenance skills, safety and health education, and improving the quality of products manufactured in factories. Through training, we aim to level-up various skills, prevent equipment failures and accidents from happening, and work to ensure a safe and steady supply system.

  • It is possible to test products and technologies which is developed or collected.

    Emphasizing our Management on the Manufacturing Process!

    Not only development research to solve problems coming up from the working site, the research team may actually go to the working site for research, and it is also so often to refer to overseas examples such as European trends.
    As SHOREKI also develops construction business, we can confirm the real performance of technology developed, and have a system in place for active utilization.