Showa Rekisei Industries Co., Ltd.


Company Information

Founded Foundation Date February 6, 1965
Capital 99.8 million yen
Employees 119 (as of April 1, 2018)
Head Office

Head Office 4-26 Hojoguchi, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0935

Representative Hiroshi Hamamoto, President
Our Businesses
  • Production and sale of asphalt emulsions (i.e. non-stick type asphalt emulsion for tack coats)
  • Production and sales of modified asphalts (i.e. high-performance polymer modified asphalt for drainage pavement)
  • Production and sales of asphalt mixtures (hot mix asphalt, recycled hot mix asphalt,, all-weather type cold mix asphalt etc.)
  • Storage and sales of straight asphalt (oil terminals and asphalt containers)
  • Contract construction of road pavement work and civil engineering work
  • Production and sales of recycled sub-base course materials and reclaimed asphalt pavement
  • Intermediate processing of industrial waste (asphalt mixture and concrete husks)
  • Methanol storage and shipping business (Niigata Joetsu Oil Terminal)
  • Import and export of road pavement materials
  • Research and development of road pavement materials
Permit of Construction Business Act <Permit Numbers> 
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Permit (Special – 27) No.899 (Civil engineering business, rigging, earthwork business, pavement construction business)
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Permit (General – 28) No.899(Landscape work)
ISO Certification Acquisition ISO9001:2015
(PJR:Perry Johnson Holdings, Inc. Perry Johnson Registrars)
Branch Offices Himeji, Osaka, Wakayama, Kumamoto, Okinawa, Amami, Kanto Koshinetsu (Joetsu), Tohoku (Ishinomaki)    
>>List of Branch Offices
Asphalt Emulsion / Polymer Modified Asphalt Plants Himeji, Osaka, Wakayama, Kumamoto, Okinawa, Kanto Koshinetsu (Joetsu), Tohoku (Ishinomaki)
Asphalt Mixture Plants Himeji, Wakayama (Kazafuki / Wakayama), Kumamoto
Asphalt Terminals Himeji, Osaka (Senboku), Kumamoto (Ariake and Yatsushiro), Okinawa (Okinawa, Miyako, Ishigaki), Amami, Kanto Koshinetsu (Joetsu), Tohoku (Ishinomaki)
Methanol Base Kanto Koshinetsu (Joetsu)
Affiliated Company TKC Inc.
Organization Memberships Japan Emulsified Asphalt Association, Japan Modified Asphalt Association, Japan Road Contractors Association, The Japan Asphalt Association, etc.

Benefit Programs

SHOREKI's benefit programs are based on our phylosophy "Health is a fundamental of Happiness". We continue to fullfill the contents through communication with employees and society for better employees' satisfaction.

Outline of Seiun Sanso

Our mountain villa, Seiun Sanso, is a Canadian-style log house, located in the Harima Shizen Kogen near the prefectural border with Okayama prefecture. The visitor can enjoy the nice weather and panoramic view in all seasons.
You can also enjoy playing golf, swiming and playing tennis near the villa.
Our employees and their families, as well as customers, can use it, so please consult with our sales staff if you’d like to use the facilities.

Location 1228 Otsu-Okuyama, Takayama, Kamigoori, Ako, Hyogo
Area Name Harima Shizen Kogen
Rooms 3 Japanese-style rooms, and 1 loft

Approx. 45 mins. by car from Aioi Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen
Approx. 90 mins. by car from Himeji Station
(It takes about 15 minutes from the facility gate, which is included in the travel times listed above.)