Showa Rekisei Industries Co., Ltd.

Making the World
"Comfortable" with Asphalt



SHOREKI designs a more comfortable "future" through better road construction using superior asphalt.

SHOREKI is challenging to add new value to future road building with comprehensive power generated by our various integrated asphalt business such as import of materials, R&D, producing, sales, distribution, and construction.

Business Model

By strengthening the "busines linkage", we have increased the synergy of our business.

A Complete Supply System

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    Logistic System

    SHOREKI was the first to implement this asphalt container system in Japan. SHOREKI will pursue further possibilities of this system continuously.

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    Network System

    SHOREKI has its own logistics know-how and has a strategic asphalt network established mainly in Western Japan. We deliver high-quality products stably to our customers.

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    Own Asphalt Tanker

    SHOREKI owns an asphalt tanker, called BLUE KINGDOM.
    One of the best features of this tanker is equipping sludge strainer for delivering pure asphalt without any sludge to customers

The Role of SHOREKI as a Technical Center

Technical System

Materials and technologies, for road construction in the next generation.
Various ideas and people, openly join together, aiming at the practical application and spread.
Our challenges create new roads.