Product Name Specs Product Outline and Application
Hot mix asphalt
Pavement Construction Handbook・
NEXCO Design Guidelines
For various road pavements
Reclaimed hot mix asphalt
Pavement Regeneration Handbook An asphalt mixture made by heating and mixing, and also by adding rejuvenators and supplementary materials, as needed, to reclaimed aggregate
Colored hot mix asphalt Pavement construction Handbook Asphalt mixture colored by adding pigment to hot asphalt mixture.
Recycled Aggregate from reclaimed asphalt concrete Pavement Regeneration Handbook The Recycled Aggregate well crushed and sorted. Particle size up to 13mm. Mainly used in Recycled hot asphalt mixtures.
Reclaimed sub-base course material for Cold Rcycling on site Pavement Regeneration Handbook Sub-base course material adjusted to a predetermined quality using asphalt concrete and cement concrete materials that were crushed and sorted.

Conventional cold mix asphalt

  • Stock Mix
  • ・Conventional cold mix asphalt
  • ・Mixture can be handled easily at room temperature without heating.
  • ・For repairing potholes (perforated and recessed) and cracks that are 1.5 cm or more

All-Weather Type Cold Mix Asphalt

  • Tough Stock
  • ・An all-weather type cold mix asphalt that is more durable than Stock mix
  • ・The grade is designed according to the climate of the area that the product is being used
  • ・A repair material for asphalt road that can be worked on even in the rain
  • ・For urgent repair of heavy traffic routes and cold areas