Showa Rekisei Industries Co., Ltd.


Corporate philosophy

Pioneering the Future with Good Faith and Technology

We listen to issues and needs of customers, and offer the best solution by utilizing our technology. With this customer first policy, we have aimed to be an ONLY ONE company, which can continue sustainable growth, and satisfy all stakeholders including customers , local societies and employees.

For example, after opening the Okinawa sales office in 1972, customers in Sakishima had the very dangerous task of heating and melting asphalt in drums by opening the top plate of each drum. We received this concern, and to improve the situation, we developed the asphalt container distribution system. Since then, the workers haven't had to make direct contact with the hot asphalt, which greatly contributed to the improvement of safety and work efficiency.

Another example was the time of oil crisis in Japan. We were consulted by many customers for a stable supply, as there was a concern about the shortage in asphalt supply. To dissolve this supply issue, we deployed nine asphalt oil depots throughout the country, and owned its own asphalt tanker while acquiring Japan's first "Overseas construction material quality screening certificate (JTCCM)" for imported asphalt. Since then, all overseas procurement, marine transportation, storage at asphalt terminals, and tank lorry shipments of asphalt can be performed independently without being affected by the domestic situation, and the stable supply capacity to customers has been strengthened. Currently, we have about 26,400 tons of storage capacity in all of our asphalt terminals - one of Japan's leading capacity holders.

We will value the voice of customer, and continue to actively challenge what we can only do.

創業者 濱本英己書

(Written by Hideki Hamamoto, Founder)