Showa Rekisei Industries Co., Ltd.

ProductsAsphalt Products


Our products cover almost everything related to road pavement work and will fulfill our customers' needs.
Our main products are as follows.


  • Brawn Asphalt
  • Decolorized Asphalt

Petroleum Products

  • Bunker A
  • Bunker Bond, Oil
  • Diesel Fuel, Kerosene, Gasoline
  • Various Lubricant Oil
  • Various Grease

Paving Material

  • Crushed Stone, Sand, Stone Powder
  • SBR Latex (asphalt mixture modifier)
  • Red Iron Oxide, Various Pigments (asphalt mixture coloring materials)
  • Reflection Crack Prevention Sheet


  • Calcium Chloride
  • Oil Adsorbent, Oil Adsorption Sheet