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SystemA Complete Supply System

SHOREKI always strives to construct a new distribution system from the user’s standpoint

The construction of these new distribution systems has created many ideas, know-how, and innovative systems, and has become a completely new, never-before-seen business.

Network System

With its unique logistics know-how and strategic asphalt network established mainly in Western Japan, SHOREKI delivers high-quality products to customers in a stable manner.


Introducing the Joetsu Methanol Tank


At the Joetsu Asphalt Terminal, we have a storage facility for methanol as well as for asphalt that is also available as a logistics base for customers.

Straight Asphalt Storage Capacity (KL)

  Himeji Senboku Ariake Yatsushiro Joetsu Tohoku Okinawa Amami Ishigaki Miyako Container Total
Storage Capacity 3,500 4,700 2,200 2,500 3,800 3,500 3,000 800 1,200 800 400 26,400

Own Asphalt Tanker

around Japan day and night

BLUE KINGDOM, SHOREKI's own asphalt tanker
The greatest feature of this ship is that it is equipped with a strainer to deliver pure asphalt without any sludge to customers. In addition, the tanker is outfitted with the latest equipment, such as bow thruster.

アスファルト専用船 BLUE KINGDOM号

Asphalt loading capacity 1,800 t
Total length 79.99 m Total width 13.2 m


The crew operating the BLUE KINGDOM use safe navigation techniques today with their excellent maneuvering techniques and coordinated teamwork.

Ulsan oil refinery in South Korea has a crude oil processing capacity of 840,000 barrels a day.
The world's largest refinery owned by South Korea's global company, SK Energy, is used as a supply source for asphalt and is able to steadily supply to SHOREKI‘s asphalt base.

Asphalt supplied from Ulsan has obtained overseas construction materials quality screening certification that guarantees the quality of the JIS standard.

Logistics System

The logistics system is structured based on
the current era and from the user’s standpoint

Asphalt Lorry


SHOREKI owns its own asphalt tank lorries.
We meet the delicate temperature control needs and efficiently deliver high-quality asphalt to the customer's factory.

Asphalt Emulsion Sprayer


SHOREKI's asphalt emulsion sprayers are active on the pavement site.

When spraying asphalt emulsion as a prime coat or tack coat, we can meet customer needs by offering an emulsion sprayer vehicle that can spray efficiently, eliminating the time and labor of manual work.

Asphalt Container System

This asphalt container system was first implemented by SHOREKI in Japan. SHOREKI will be challenging to pursue further possibilities.

Container Specification

It conforms to ISO 2 8 BO. We also acquired CCS and UCI certification. It is made with special steel and is excellent in pressure resistance and collision resistance. It is half the height of a general 20ft dry container, and piling two on top and bottom, it becomes the same size as one general 20ft dry container.
Length × Width × Height = 20 ft × 8 ft × 4.3 ft
Weight = 4 t / Maximum loading capacity = 13 t

SHOREKI Asphalt Container System

In areas where it was difficult to supply asphalt by tank lorry, asphalt was supplied using drums. However, there were problems with safety, economic rationality, and, above all, environmental pollution from used drums. For these reasons, SHOREKI created a new supply system that integrates a container and a kettle to solve these problems. 
Currently, it is being used for large-scale projects such as the construction of airfields on various islands, including the Okinawan islands and Tokyo Izu islands.

  • 廃棄ドラム缶
  • 廃棄ドラム缶

Wasted drums after use

SHOREKI solves various problems with our new distribution system.




During the Tsushima Airport construction in 1982, our “asphalt supply container system” was leased.
The company supplied the straight asphalt with a 10-foot container leasing and completed the construction of a runway that allows jet aircraft to operate.