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Message from the President

Hiroshi Hamamoto, PresidentHiroshi Hamamoto, President

President Hiroshi Hamamoto

Meet the needs of customers with sincerity,
Build our unique business model.
Through road building leading to the future,
We will keep challenging to create new value.

Hiroshi Hamamoto, President

Challenging spirit colored the history of SHOREKI

The strength of SHOREKI is the comprehensive capability to propose an integrated service in the asphalt business. We are developing a wide range of businesses, from sales of straight asphalt to production and sales of secondary products including modified asphalt, asphalt emulsion and asphalt mixtures. In addition we are doing pavement construction and offering of our unique logistics know-how.
With business bases in various locations in Japan, we aim to respond promptly to customer needs, organize all functions related to asphalt, and meet local asphalt demands.

Founded in 1965 and reached our 50th anniversary in 2015, thanks to our solid operation specializing in asphalt business. We have always boldly challenged ourselves to become the industry's first, with the aim of always meeting the needs of our customers.
During the oil crisis in 1973, we started importing straight asphalt to solve the instability in the asphalt supply.
In addition, we have got a distinctive position in the industry through a number of initiatives we made ahead of time, such as the case with asphalt transportation by containers.
And even now, our starting point is "To Keep on Challenging". By continuing to challenge ahead of changes in the trend, we want to do our best toward new value creation.

代表取締役社長 濱本博司

Stablly provide high quality products at low cost
Business Strategy, Expand from Japan to the World

In recent years, the environment surrounding road construction has dramatically changed. We're faced with challenges such as declining tax revenues due to depopulation, aging infrastructure, and changes in the natural environment, such as torrential rain and heavy snow. At the same time, the needs and values of society, people, and customers in the highway business are also diversifying.
The infrastructure industry will also need to be more equipped with response capabilities than ever. Under these circumstances, SHOREKI is accelerating further transformation.
We will work to build a business model related to asphalt, more so than ever, making use of the knowledge accumulated in our own business.

Technological innovation in the infrastructure industry advances day by day, and just by continuing to provide the same products and services, one cannot anticipate the future of company. At present, SHOREKI's management policy is to "continue to constantly provide high quality products at a low price". With the age of road maintenance and repair in full swing, we will work to develop low-cost, eco-friendly, durable, and environmentally-friendly products, applying recyclable materials as secondary and tertiary use, and striving to contribute to society and increase our sales.
In addition, in order to achieve new leaps, we are also considering infrastructure development overseas. Our mission is to continuously help behind the scenes to enrich the region at home and abroad through the asphalt business. As a total coordinator of road materials and asphalt, we want to contribute to society by creating roads that pursue comfort and convenience, and to open up our pathway to the future.