Showa Rekisei Industries Co., Ltd.



Since its establishment, SHOREKI has strived to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by providing innovative, high-quality road materials and straight asphalt products that lead the way.

SHOREKI supports students
who keep on challenging towards the future.

Roads are the social infrastructure essential to our lives. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that people involved in road construction roads are creating social infrastructure and supporting economic development.

However, the industry now has a serious problem of lack of human resources due to the aging workforce in the construction industry including road construction, and the lack of young people to support.
If it goes on as it is, the whole industry will decline.
We are concerned that Japan's road improvement will not be able to proceed unless we focus on bringing up younger generation to rejuvenate the whole industry.

It can not be overlooked that asphalt pavement classes and classes at educational institutions and universities are decreasing.
There are only a few classrooms hosted all over the country.
Moreover, it is quite disappointing that there is not even one class in the Kansai area.
It is an urgent issue to pass down maintenance technology to young people and young researchers in a community.

Therefore, at SHOREKI, we established the Shoreki Memorial Foundation in 2018. This foundation supports research institutes and research projects involved in the field of science and engineering related to road construction. It also provides scholarships to university students and graduate students who are studying in science and engineering.

SHOREKI has worked to contribute to the development of society with the asphalt business.
SHOREKI will continue to pass down the “DNA” that will create valuable asphalt and work on developing the next generation of manpower in order to prosper in the future.

As "The Driving Company For The Regional Future"

SHOREKI has been selected by the Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry as a "The Driving Company for the regional future".
In response to this selection, we will continue to make efforts to contribute to the revitalization of the regional economy as a regional driver.


2,148 companies are selected nationwide, including 338 companies in the Kinki region.
In Hyogo prefecture, 63 companies were selected, and one of them was SHOREKI.

What is The Driving Company for the regional future?

It refers to the core companies that lead economy while creating high added value to the regions by making use of regional characteristics and strengths, and bring in demand in areas where growth can be expected in the future to have an economic ripple effect.
(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website)