Showa Rekisei Industries Co., Ltd.


Safety at SHOREKI

Thorough safety measures and safety management aimed for zero occupational accidents!

With the aim for zero occupational accidents at manufacturing and construction sites, SHOREKI has started risk assessment from 2014 and is engaged in safety and health activities with the participation of all employees. In April 2018, we established the Safety and Environment Department, a specialized unit on promoting safety, and strengthening our organizational structure.
In addition to working on safety issues on a daily basis, we conduct safety education regularly to raise the awareness of each worker and to promote the creation of a safer site without accidents.

For further safety

SHOREKI's Safety and Health Policy

Recognizing the safety and health of all employees as the foundation of corporate activities, we will work to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

  • 1. All employees are an important asset to the company. We achieve a safe and comfortable work environment through risk assessment.
  • 2. Make all employees aware of the necessity for health and safety widely, conduct necessary education and training, and raise awareness.
  • 3. Comply with laws and regulations on health and safety and ensure compliance with internal rules.
  • 4. Thoroughly implement measures to prevent reccurence of occupational accidents.
  • 5. In order to facilitate the promotion of health and safety activities, we will introduce management resources and improve the organizational structure.