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Cold type crack sealant

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  • FA Seal (Flexible Asphalt Sealant )

The FA seal is used by mixing three types of liquids including specially modified asphalt emulsion, hardening agent of special resin, and retardant to adjust curing time.
It is a cold type crack sealant.

  • ・Because of its excellent permeability, it penetrates well into thin cracks such as hair cracks and seals it.
  • ・Excellent flexibility after hardened to keep filled in cracks and joints.
  • ・The asphalt emulsion is used for better adhesion with asphalt pavement exerting a high water shielding effect.
  • ・If you want to secure a long working time, or want to accelerate traffic opening, you can adjust the amount of delay agent.
  • ・Filling material for crack repair in asphalt pavement
  • ・Filling material for crack repair in concrete pavement

Cold type crack sealant

  • Penetration type crack sealant

A penetration type crack sealant can fill cracks in the surface and binder course and even deeper layers by pouring on the surface of high-functional pavement type I. It revive a high water shielding effect too.

  • ・Due to its low-viscosity, it passes through the high-functional pavement type I surface and maintains permeability
  • ・Excellent flexibility to keep filled in cracks and joints.
  • ・It is safe and easy to handle at ambient temperature
  • ・Repairing / prevention of cracks on the binder course or deeper part in high functional pavement type I